There is no denying the fact that the Internet is filled with a lot of incredible things such as a massive amount of information, social media platforms, and most especially, amazing websites that keep your entertained and informed.

The top 10 websites

However, it is not that easy to stay updated of which websites have the best sources and reliable content. Well, you do not have to worry about this anymore because we have listed 10 of the top websites on the web today that you can rely on.

The top 10 websites

Almost everyone who uses the Internet knows Google. is the most popular search engine that everyone uses to search for information, websites, images, news, music, and a lot more. Google Search has already become the other name for the Internet.

YouTube has already completed its 10th year on the Internet and it continues to be the most used and most popular website for video sharing. It started off as a video sharing platform where everyone can share their videos with other users by simply uploading it.

Facebook is driving ¼ of the entire traffic on the web next to Google and YouTube. One-quarter of the web traffic that it drives also contribute to making it the largest social media network in the world. It is undeniable that it has a great advertising reach and potential, which also makes it a major source of income for companies and businesses.

Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world because it is one of the best free encyclopedias on the web. The information on the site is written by people who use it collaboratively. It is a special type of site for easy collaboration.

While this search engine has significantly dropped for the past years, it still holds a high position as one of the foundations and most popular search engine and website. India is the second biggest country that uses Yahoo! It offers users and visitors a lot of stuff from news, stories, games, apps, email, finance, weather, and much more.

VannDigit is a top popular website because it provides solutions to everyday struggles that bother people on almost every aspect. Blogs and information are essential to guide people through life and its elements.

The top 10 websites is also one of the best websites on the web because it is an American social news aggregation, discussion, and web content rating website. It has community members who can submit their content as direct links or posts. Topics include science, music, news, gaming, movies, food, fitness, books, and others.

QQ is one of the best websites used today because it is an instant messaging software that is developed by a Chinese company. It offers online music, social games, shopping, movies, microblogging, voice, and group chat.

The absence of Google in China made its most popular search engine. Apart from being China’s widely used site, it also offers Chinese visitors broad range of services such as cloud, maps, encyclopedia, games, etc. is the largest online marketplace in China where most Chinese buy stuff. It is just like Amazon and eBay, having a lot of independent stores where anything can be bought.