Dog Crates Review: The 4 Best Dog Crates to Buy in 2018

Whether to crate your dog or not is a hot topic among dog owners.  However, for those of you who decide to crate them, you still want them to be as comfortable as possible, as all crates are not made the same.

So, we decided to go out and review the best dog crates on the market in 2018.  After a lot of testing and prodding, we’ve narrowed it down to the top four.  Without further ado, here are our picks for the Best Dog Crates of 2018.

  • iCrate Folding Metal Dog Crates (from Midwest Homes for Pet) 
    This crate is one of the most credible and durable dog crates. It has a simple, secure and durable design. Its large sized version has a divider panel for additional versatility in case your intention is to use it for crate training. Its double doors are secure with slide-bolt latches that are extremely tough so as to ensure that there is maximum security. On top of that, its feet come s with rubber and hence it won’t scrape your floor at all. This dog crate is also foldable for easy storage and transportation.
    In summary, the iCrate dog crate is versatile, portable, secure as well as highly durable, which is probably why it is home to tens of thousands of happy dog owners.

    best dog crates
  • Folding Metal Dog Crate (by Amazon)
    This dog crate is sturdy and durable, safe and secure with reasonable price. It has a removable plastic pan together with some bottom perimeters mini dividers. This bottom helps to prevent slipping of your pet’s paws through the bars. It’s durable due to its sturdy construction. This crate is suitable for all those who want value in their purchase. It’s also safe, secure and portable.
  • Two-Door Top-Load Kennel (by Petmate)
    This dog crate is designed as a puppy crate, however, it also fits perfectly for small dog breeds as well. This stands to be the best solution for keeping your pet calm, safe and secure. Its top-loading design allows for smooth access to your pet while its convenient carry handle offers a more suitable grasp while travelling. It combines the great qualities of both the steel and plastic in one excellent package. This type of crate has an admirable, outstanding top-loading design.
  • 3-Door Folding Soft Pet Home (by EliteField)
    This stands to be the best dog crate to go for if all you are after is an absolute comfort. It has a spacious interior that makes it excellent for a dog to board. In addition to this, it offers your pet deluxe accommodation complete with a fleece bed, mesh panel for optimal ventilation as well as washable covers. This dog crate may be made of fabric, however, its fabric is 600 denier which stands to be strong enough to suitably endure any scratching from your pet. 
    In summary, it’s stylish, lightweight, durability and solid ventilation rank high in this years’ 2018 selection. It’s worth its steeper price.

best dog cratesThe Ultimate Benefits of Dog Crates
1. Crates provide security and safety to your pup
2. Crates offer comfort to your dog
3. Crates save doggies from possible danger
4. Crating dramatically accelerates house training process

So, that concludes our list of the best dog crates of 2018.  If you go with one of the crates above, you can’t go wrong.