Identify Cockroach Droppings and Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good

Though it’s not an easy endeavor to take out the roaches naturally, this is not something that is entirely impossible.  One of the easiest ways to spot a problem in the first place is to identify cockroach poop.  The question is though, what do cockroach poop look like?  Well, it is similar to mice poop, but slightly different in size and shape (see image below).  Once you’re able to identify the cockroach droppings, you do not have to scratch your head wondering how to take out the cockroaches. Just learn about the sources from where roaches can enter into your home and their favorite places to live, grow and reproduce. And block all passages from where roaches can crawl into your house.

cockroach droppings

Once you get familiar with their lifestyle, it will be much easier for you to know how to get rid of roaches once and for all.

Let’s Offload the Cockroaches Naturally

The cockroach infestation is more common in homes located in areas with a high percentage of heat and humidity. The best of the whole thing is to keep cockroaches away from your home. If you succeed in doing so in the first place, then no matter what breed commonly exists in your area, the chances are high that roaches will not come your way. So, do not ever give them an opportunity to enter your space.

However, if they become successful in invading your home despite all the efforts for their absence in your home, then you need to take immediate action. You may not be able to control them, but you can surely exterminate their existence in your home.

Enlisted below are a few ways to get rid of cockroaches without any professional help and use of artificial methods. These are actually the tips that you can follow to stop the roaches from being your permanent guests.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

First things first-you have to keep your living and working places clean. The hygienic places make it hard for pests such as roaches to find anything to feed on and hence, to stay there permanently.

Don’t Leave the Edibles Unattended

If roaches cannot find the leftover food on the counter, or tiny food crumbs dropped somewhere in your home, then they will not bother to trouble you. The same holds true for dark and humid areas in your home.

Do Vacuum Cleaning on Daily Intervals

You must vacuum each and every corner of your home, from table edges to wallpaper, etc. in order to circumvent the likelihood of roaches’ presence in your living space. As you vacuum on a daily basis, it will help removing any eggs that roaches may have laid and hence, the proportion of roaches will be down to a minimum.

Do not Neglect the Cardboard Boxes:

Do not ever leave food and cardboard boxes open. Cockroaches have been known to contaminate them.

Remove the Sustenance Sources

Bear in mind that prevention is the best cure. To avoid the cockroach presence and proliferation in your house, you are ought to know how to pull their strings and put the prospects of their nourishment to an end.

Fix the Leaky Pipes & Faucets

Roaches can survive without food, but not without warmth and water and therefore, it’s necessary for you not to allow them to reach the water source. Fix the leaky faucets and sewer lines, and plug the drain that isn’t being used to inhibit an ongoing water source.

Some time ago, I moved my laundry from downstairs to upstairs. After few days I saw a German roach wandering around the old laundry drainage pipe. A moment of worry indeed. I killed that nasty being, sealed the drain opening with rubber plugs and sprayed the roach killer in the entire area.

Do not Leave Wet Dishes on Counter

Do not leave the dishes out at night even if you clean them. Still if you need to do so then ensure that washed dishes are well-dried and there isn’t any water droplets on them.

Store Food in Refrigerator/Containers with Lids

Keep your unused food in the refrigerator and if not then keep it in metal or plastic containers with lids. It will not only keep your food organized and well presented, but also secure the edibles from pests’ invasion.

hiding spots for cockroaches

Be Consistent to Throw the Garbage Out

Roaches find garbage the friendliest of all things in your home after the sewer pipes. Don’t leave it unattended for long. If you do so, roaches would love to show their attention toward the waste material especially when lights go out at night. Yes, you need to take the trash out of your home. Make it a routine.

Caulk the Openings-Possible Entry Areas

Ensure that there isn’t any crack or crevice in walls or floor where cockroaches can crawl and hide. Most important is to seal the gaps usually found near electric cables and water pipes entering into your home. Make sure that no plant or object in your home is trouncing any vent as roaches can climb in this way from the adjacent infested building. Seal up the possible entry areas as much as you can quickly.

Clean Out the Drains

To throw away the trash and to take all other remedial measures will go to waste if your drains are dirty. A few people show concern in this regard. Always clean out the drains in a kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. Keep your drainage system well-managed and repaired to by-pass the chances of darn roaches entering into your home.

No one likes to get knocked down by the invaders. Therefore, after preventive measures its must to take suitable actions to encounter the enemy. You need to be a warrior as soon as you observe even a small attendance of roaches in your home.

Simple Home Remedies to Eliminate Cockroaches

Scalding Hot Water

It is the simplest way to kill the roaches. If you have strong nerves and can get closer to roaches then pour the scalding hot water over the top of these nauseating creatures. Your quickness defines how fast you can kill them.

Pour Bleach Down the Drain

You can use bleach if your plumbing is full of roaches. The chemicals used in bleach are strong enough to kill the roaches. As roaches are more likely to live close to the water source, therefore it is easy for you to kill and flush them out of your drains using the bleach method.

Boric Acid under the Sink:

Another way to eliminate the roaches naturally is to place Boric Acid under and near all areas where roaches can be found such as sinks and the exterior of your refrigerator, or any other place where they can run through. Take precautionary measures before using this method as it could be hazardous to your pets and children.

Windex-The Glass Cleaner:

Spray Windex (glass cleaner) on roaches and it will kill them within minutes. It’s not an instant killer, but surely a good killer. Spray, be patient and a few minutes later enjoy the effectiveness of Windex. If this spray is not available in your area, you can use any spray containing ammonia because organism’s intake of this chemical substance ends its capacity to produce energy and eventually it dies.


In the end, cockroaches are a real pain, so you should take all the preventative measures listed above in order to avoid them at all costs.  However, if you start to notice some droppings laying around you now have some home remedies to eliminate them easily!