How can Adaptil Diffuser help your dog feel secure

adaptil diffuserWhen little, dogs are feeling insecure, especially if they’re early separated from their mother. The loneliness and anxiety that puppy can experience during this period need to be looked with care. Even though you can’t give them a substitute for their mother, you can use several solutions that can help your dog feel secure in your home.

Dog behaviour

Although they can’t communicate by voice, dogs use other ways to let humans know what they think or feel. Dogs like honest communication and clear signals to help them understand what you’re expecting of them. More precisely, they like predictability, so any sudden change of daily routine can make them feel anxious and confused.

Some other ways of canine-human communication rely on body language, the voice, and other non-verbal signs. Hiding is, for example, the most common way of dog behaviour in stressful situations. When faced with the unknown situation or sudden change in tone, a dog will run away and hide until they make sure that it’s safe to get out again.

Recognizing the fear and anxiety in dogs

There are several ways to understand the signs your dog is sending you. These signals can be subtle, so you may need time to get used to them.

When your dog feels uncomfortable, he may:

  • licking his lips
  • turning his head away
  • avoiding eye-contact
  • wrinkling the forehead
  • panting (even if it’s not hot)

If you notice some of these signs in your dog’s behaviour, you should make him assure that he’s on safe. You can do that by talking to him or by a physical touch (petting), but the most efficient way is using pheromones, and here’s why.

Using pheromones to prevent dog anxiety and fear

Adaptil Diffuser is one of the most popular solutions for helping your dog feel secure and overcome stressful situations, such as loneliness, fear, adopting, or training. Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone that replicates the natural comforting pheromone puppies recognize in their mother. Since dog’s sense of smell is more sensitive than humans, dogs can easily identify Adaptil as a signal that they are secure and safe.adaptil diffuser

The benefits of using Adaptil as a mean to help your dog adapt to a new living situation or to overcome challenging events are multiple. This synthetic pheromone triggers the process of accommodation and relaxation in a natural way, which reduces the time necessary for your dog to adjust to the situation. This is especially important in cases of puppy night crying, or expressions of sadness and worry you might notice in your dog.

Adaptil Diffuser is easy to use: just plug in the diffuser with a vial into the socket, and let it run. You should choose a place that offers the best range within a pheromone can be distributed (avoid outlets behind the furniture or in the corners). The diffuser should consistently be used, in the room where your dog spends the majority of his time. Using this product always will produce the results you are expecting: your puppy will adjust to the new home, the process of adoption, puppy training and socialization more quickly, without any further consequences on his behaviour.